I'm speechless.

Mongo needed protection.

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Are you helping him?

Would you mind if I made a few suggestions?

Some of the students played tennis, and the others played volleyball.

Vivek stayed at home.

How do you respond to that?

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You may come and go at will.

We drank cappuccinos and reminisced.

He's somewhat hard of hearing, so please speak louder.

Once, when I went to my friend Kawai's house, he fired a pistol. He thought it was not loaded and pointed it at my mouth, but it was and the bullet grazed my ear before hitting the closet.

A quarterly growth of 1.2% means an annual growth rate of 4.8%.

That's sensible.

We should not place too much emphasis on money.

I think that French grammar is difficult.

We've seen drastic changes since then.

I can't get a hold of him.

I would rather die than conceal my belief.

It would help if we could talk to Noemi.

As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with his plan.

Can you put the children to bed?

You need to understand that prosperity doesn't last forever.

You will regret this.

I'll tell my mom!


I think it's true that he wasn't at the scene.


I've already had a coffee.

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The delegates voted on the issue.


I wasn't too nervous.

Ah! Everything is clear now.

We reported him missing.

Adding up numbers is very uplifting.

What's that sound?

Where are we getting the money?

Maarten has a proposal he'd like us to consider.

Most boys like TV games.

Our opinions are quite different.

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Did you learn to speak French when you were a child?

We can't promise that.

His speech impressed us very much.

Bryan knows when he's supposed to be here.

You're a wonderful human being.

I dream about her every night.

You can indulge yourself without spending a fortune.

Kayvan is going to regret this.

Why don't we ask him to help?

How much have you paid for this computer?

I just want you to go away.

This project is a gold nugget.

I could tell that Scot wasn't happy.

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He spends a lot of money travelling.

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Griff was nice to me.

What's the new boy's name?

He earns a living.


This teenage pop star has been described as androgynous.


Give thanks to the Lord for the blessing of life.

I just got an idea.

My child likes to sleep between me and my wife.

Sridhar was interested in that.

In all of the gardens in my city it is illegal to trample the flower beds.

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I heard Joni playing drums with his band yesterday.

We still haven't found what we're looking for.

Are you sick?

Let's wait and see what Kamel does.

The most frightening of our enemies are often the smallest ones.

Turn the knob and open the door.

I've got to do my job.

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When he came and found me, his whole body reeked of alcohol.

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Amy wanted to leave.

You are a wife to your husband.

The early bird catches the worm.

We know you're one of us.

There is no such thing, sir, as a ghost.

A second cousin is the granddaughter of the brother or sister of a grandparent.

That's what I like about you.


What's got into you?

Do I look tired?

To know oneself is difficult.

It's all in the report.

Look for the woman!

This stage bogs down in a state of hopeless confusion.

The point is whether I accept or refuse.

We are continuously losing blood.

The translator was considered as a "neutral filter".

Clarence and Tanya's custody battle for their children was a long, drawn-out affair.

I will give you a good example to illustrate what I mean.

Lawrence isn't familiar with that subject.

I think that Raymond didn't mean to do that.


We're geniuses.

They've finally been reunited.

I'll pay the bill.


This soup is great.


The question is who'll do it.

Jinny wrote Danielle's name and phone number in his notebook.

You are very persistent, and that counts for a lot.

I'm gonna tell you the truth.

We just don't know.

What time are tryouts?

Jonathan smiled halfheartedly.

The plane took off exactly on time.

One night he came home very tired and sad.

Do you really have to call Lynne right now?

We're going to get there before them.

Everybody loved it.

Her actions are inconsistent with her words.

They continued eating as if nothing had happened.

There is something wrong.

Paracelsus influence was intense and long lasting.

I see a lot of hypocrisy.

I don't speak Albanian.

She waited for him to come home.

I told her to be home by nine.

Fill out the form.

A year of snow is a year of prosperity.

What more do I need?

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I'm here to ask for your cooperation.


Who is going to look after our dog?

Rob, go watch TV.

Would you please tell me how to spell that word?

The future scares me too much.

The books are ours.

She laughed happily.

You can't blame me.

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Reid wondered what Antonio was trying to do.

We generally drink tea after a meal.

They are required to wear a suit and tie to work.

He flew into a rage.

I hope Kimberly will like Boston.

As soon as the dog heard his master's voice, off he ran like a shot.

The train was really packed.

Cheer up! Things are not as bad as you think.

I've spent way too much time thinking about this problem.


Have a look at that picture.


We're grateful to you for what you did.

Keiko informed me of the arrival of his plane.

It's not optional.

When was it that Valeria visited Edwin in the hospital?

If you want to speak English as fluently as me, you must learn as much as I did.

I'm not rich but have so much to offer.

We've already admonished him.

Put your pants up, that we can see your tail!

William tried to smither her way out of the dark basement but hit her head on the rafter and fainted.

I wrote Marnix a letter.

Everybody likes me.

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We have strawberry and chocolate cookies.

Please tell me where to put this.

The boy wants to know the truth.


What you've heard about me isn't true.


There's still time to evacuate.

I'd like to see my art teacher this afternoon.

Lorraine pulled a long face when he heard the story.

He had a cold, but he went to work.

That's the way it is sometimes.

He denies even the sun in the sky.

The bomb will explode in 10 seconds.


Vaughn is playing piano.


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

It may be that he likes his job.

We have to do something and we have to do it now.


Loyd and Pia had to prune their household budget when Philip was retrenched from work.

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He was a brave warrior who had spent most of his life fighting his enemies.


Irfan doesn't believe most of what Colin says.

In the future, be more careful with your money.

Shyam asked me if I wanted to dance.

Glenn is very close.

Andries was taken.

My life seems unreal.

Rik lured us into a trap.


They saw us as they were getting off the train.